Vitacor® Plus®

The first multivitamin program known to result from numerous clinical studies. Before Dr. Rath put his name on Vitacor® Plus®, he placed the formula under the intense scientific scrutiny that is the hallmark of his vitamin products company.
Vitacor® Plus® is the foundation product for Dr. Rath's Cellular Health™ Programs, this multivitamin contains the essential nutrients that provide support for the integrity of the cells of the body.*
Vitacor® Plus® is the essential dietary supplement for everyone, young and old alike, it contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important nutrients needed for biological energy in millions of vascular muscle cells and cell walls.*

90 Tablets

Epican Forte™

Healthy cells produce enzymes that temporarily digest connective tissue so that these cells can move through the body to renew organs and other tissues. In the case of a serious health condition, this same enzymatic process must be inhibited so that excessive cell growth does not occur and the health of organs and other tissues is maintained.
As part of the Normal Cell Growth Maintenance program, Epican Forte™ provides essential nutrients that support enzymatic activity and connective tissue stability when used in combination with Vitacor® Plus®.*

90 Capsules


Stability and elasticity of the artery walls are achieved through optimal production of collagen, elastin and other structural components of the blood vessel wall.
Arteriforte™ is an integral part of Dr. Rath's Cellular Health™ Program with Vitacor® Plus®, the basic vitamin cell complex. It provides essential nutrients that work synergistically towards optimizing the function of the cardiovascular system, stabilizing the blood vessel walls and promoting their homeostasis.*

90 Tablets


Healthy collagen requires a continuous supply of vitamin C and collagen building amino acids, such as Lysine and Proline.
Vitamin C is essential for body cells to produce sufficient quantities and properly structured collagen fibers.*
Among all amino acids that build collagen fibers, L-Lysine and L-Proline are very important. These amino acids are abundant in collagen, and they are essential for it's optimal biological hydroxylation and form bridges that link and properly align collagen fibers.* Dr Rath's ProLysinC™ contains nutrients needed by body cells for producing healthy collagen and connective tissue.*

90 Tablets

Dr. Rath's VitaCforte®

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, the main protein of the human body that makes up our connective tissue, cartilage and tendons.*
VitaCforte®, taken together with Vitacor® Plus® and any other Cellular Health Formula™, enhances the body's natural ability to promote cellular integrity and optimum function.*
Unlike many other vitamin C supplements, Dr. Rath's VitaCforte® provides balanced forms of vitamin C, providing support for all cellular and extra-cellular components.*
It contains a novel form of vitamin C, ascorbyl palmitate. This fat-soluble vitamin C may protect biological membranes and / or lipid rich cellular components.*

90 Tablets

LysinC Drink Mix™

Strong and healthy connective tissue provides optimal support for the body's organs and their functions. Essential nutrients vitamin C and Amino Acid L-Lysine play a primary role in the production and optimal structure of collagen and other connective tissue components in the body.* The human body cannot manufacture these critical nutrients and our modern diet may not provide them in sufficient amounts. Vitamin C is essential for the body cells, production of healthy collagen and other connective tissue components. It is also necessary for collagen's optimum structure and function in our body.*
LysinC Drink Mix™ is a powder with a neutral taste that can be blended with other liquids, such as fruit juices, tea or water.

100 Servings



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