About Us

Kim and Sean have been involved with the raw food and supplement nutrition community
for a
combined total of 25 years! Studying herbs, healthy food choices, and whole food vitamins has been a
passion of theirs and they have led their lives accordingly, adopting a healthy diet and choosing good supplementation to help them on their paths to pure health. Opening a store was the logical next step, allowing them to help people with what they have learned and to be able to offer what they believe
the best supplements available. They are always studying and searching for the latest
scientific discoveries and high quality supplements that allow them to help people make the best
choices for optimal nutrition.

Along with their commitment to self healing they are also dedicated to protecting and nurturing the
planet. They strive to make the best choices to help keep our world clean, and will make these choices available for their customers by offering environmentally safe cleaning products, clothes, and companies that are dedicated to offering planet safe products.

They can be reached for question or comments at their store: 702-366-9297